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Top Jingle satisfy the needs of houseware for our customers since 1996.


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Top Jingle - Bathroom Accessories, Kitchenware, Furniture & DIY Items Manufacturer

Located in Taiwan, China since 1996, Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler manufacturer selling a wide assortment of domestics merchandise and home furnishings. Main products, including bathroom accessory sets (marble, polyresin, ceramic, glass, acrylic), and kitchenware products (pitcher, knife, chopping board, trolley cart), Thumbtack etc.

Bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products sold in Europe, Japan and Middle East since 1996, Top Jingle values our customers and understand how important it is to establish a good business relationship, as well as invested our capital in advanced facilities in research and tooling to assure top quality products.

Top Jingle has been providing customers high-quality bathroom accessories, kitchenware, furniture, and DIY items, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Top Jingle ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Colorful Thumbtack Set
    Colorful Thumbtack Set

    The thumbtack is perfect for bulletin board in classroom, office even for your studio. 24 Pieces thumbtacks can pin your paper work or photo tightly, and they are also can be pull up easily. You can classify your paper work by the different eight colors pins. Moreover, the star fruit shape is really cute, don't worry about how to pick them up, the shape make you taken them simply. ‧Eight colors for a box. ‧Star fruit shape design. ‧Perfect for home, office and school stationery.

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