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Top Jingle - Bathroom Accessories, Kitchenware, Furniture & DIY Items Manufacturer

Located in Taiwan, China since 1996, Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler manufacturer selling a wide assortment of domestics merchandise and home furnishings. Main products, including bathroom accessory sets (marble, polyresin, ceramic, glass, acrylic), and kitchenware products (pitcher, knife, chopping board, trolley cart), etc.

Bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products sold in Europe, Japan and Middle East since 1996, Top Jingle values our customers and understand how important it is to establish a good business relationship, as well as invested our capital in advanced facilities in research and tooling to assure top quality products.

Top Jingle has been providing customers high-quality bathroom accessories, kitchenware, furniture, and DIY items, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Top Jingle ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Adhesive Sticker Towel Ring
    Adhesive Sticker Towel Ring

    Simple and classic, the metal wire square towel ring with reusable adhesive sticker imbued your bathroom decor with a touch of contemporary design. This towel ring is designed to perfection in order to keep your towels and napkins tidy. It will serve the purpose of keeping the most necessary thing handy. - Perfect for hand and face towels. - Classic square shape design. - Requires no mounting hardware.

  • Reusable Sticker Towel Ring
    Reusable Sticker Towel Ring

    The trapezoid shape towel ring with reusable adhesive sticker is the perfect blend of modern elegance and functionality. Made from sturdy wire, this towel ring is durable and sturdy which is perfect for hanging different shape towels. The product will ensure you a clean and tidy space. - Easy to care for - Reliable quality - Keep your towel clean

  • Reusable Sticker Commodity Shelf
    Reusable Sticker Commodity Shelf

    The metal wire commodity shelf with reusable adhesive sticker helps you build a stylish and decorative touch to your bathroom decor. The refined shelf not only brings class to the bathroom but also provides with multiple storage options. The shelf is ideal for most modern style bathroom decors. - With rectangle acrylic tray - Can be used in any room in your home - Blends well with any decor

  • Adhesive Sticker Single Hook
    Adhesive Sticker Single Hook

    The wire single hook with reusable adhesive sticker offers functional storage with convenient installation. This hook is ideal for foyers, hallways, and bathrooms also perfect for hanging towels, blanket, keys and so on. Adds functional storage and a decorative touch all in one step. - Suction design won't leave a mark - Strong durability - Simple design

  • Sticker Soap Dispenser Rack
    Sticker Soap Dispenser Rack

    The frosted white cylinder soap dispenser wire rack with reusable adhesive sticker offers a stylish storage solution in your home. With multiple products design, this convenient unit helps to keep essential toiletries within reach as you need them. The collection provides you a functional and well display bathroom environment. - Durable in use - Perfect fit in your bathroom - Removeable and re-useable

  • Sticker Toothbrush Holder Rack
    Sticker Toothbrush Holder Rack

    The frosted white cylinder toothbrush holder wire rack with reusable adhesive sticker offers a stylish storage solution in your home. It conveniently elevated to free up counter space and reduce clutter. It is easy to install with no tools, no drilling, and no surface damage. - Conveniently sized - Versatile storage - Can be removed and reinstalled

  • Sticker Tumbler Holder Rack
    Sticker Tumbler Holder Rack

    Frosted white cylinder tumbler holder rack offers a stylish storage solution in your home. It will keep all of your dental products clean and organized. This combination tumbler coordinates perfectly with it's own collection. - Sleek and sturdy - Functional space saver - 5 minutes to install

  • Sticker Tumblers Holder Rack
    Sticker Tumblers Holder Rack

    Frosted white cylinder double tumbler holder rack offers a stylish storage solution in your home. It will keep all of your dental products clean and organized. This combination tumbler coordinates perfectly with it's own collection. - Sleek and sturdy - Functional space saver - 5 minutes to install

  • Sticker Soap Dish Rack
    Sticker Soap Dish Rack

    Keep your soap or sponges within arm's reach with this frosted white soap dish rack with reusable adhesive sticker. The product lets you put your soaps, razors and other items up near shoulder level for easy convenience. You can add this removable soap dish to your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else that need convenient organization. - Has soap ridges design - Convenient organizer - Easy to install

  • Sticker Cotton Holder Rack
    Sticker Cotton Holder Rack

    Frosted cotton holder wire rack keep your cotton beautifully organized. It provides ample room without taking up valuable counter space. And the removable lids fit snugly to keep moisture and dust out. - Conveniently sized - Keeps cotton clean, neatly stacked - Cleans easily with soap and water

  • Sticker Toilet Brush Holder
    Sticker Toilet Brush Holder

    Frosted white toilet brush holder rack provides simple and discreet storage that keeps floors clean and dry. The space-saving design fits into tight bathroom areas, making it easy to tuck away. And the clean modern look works with any decor. - Compact design - Toilet cleaner brush set - Easy to install

  • Sticker Toilet Brush Holder
    Sticker Toilet Brush Holder

    The half cup toilet brush holder wire rack with removable adhesive sticker is the perfect companion to the toilet brush. It features a stainless steel brush handle for easy grip and durable use. After use, simply put it back in the rack for neat and sanitary storage. - Strong suction - Half cup shape design. - Different from common freestanding design

  • Shower Nozzle Holder
    Shower Nozzle Holder

    Shower nozzle holder with reusable adhesive sticker provide super strong viscosity, so you can place your handheld shower head anywhere. The reusable adhesive sticker prevents any damage to your permanent structure and also allows for flexibility to relocate. You can adjust high or low position for kids or parents. - No tools required, no drilling, no screws, no holes. - Wide scope of application. - Suitable for handheld showerhead and bidet sprayer.

  • Mop Rack
    Mop Rack

    Mop rack with reusable adhesive sticker can be placed on the wall with mops. brooms and other life tools with handles. Made of metal in white coating, and the reusable adhesive sticker on the back can guarantee that the mop holder will stick to the surface well. The compact mini size allows you to use it easily. - Keep your home organized. - You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, garage. - Please avoid surface that is too rough.

  • 3 Single Hook Set
    3 Single Hook Set

    When you’re hanging something on your wall, you don’t want to see what it is hanging from. That’s why our hooks are small, lightweight and transparent so they don’t detract from the room. 【NO DAMAGE TO THE WALL】 Make sure the surface you mount your hooks to is smooth. Peel off the cover; put the self adhesive wall hooks on smooth surface No need to use an electric drill or other tools to install Hooks which is no damaging to the wall or ceiling. You only need to tear the back glue of the hook, stick it on the position that you need and drain the air out of the paste surface, installation is finish. 【SUPER POWERFUL AND REUSABLE】 Wall heavy duty sticky hangers, tiny body but load-bearing! Free punching nail almost removable and it can be circularly used. The hook is made of the latest high-tech materials and no trace stickup technology, so it can be recycled. Washable, the nail free pothook can be washed in water to regain stickiness. Good elasticity, easy to restore after bending. Durable and Reusable, no need frequent buying. 【WIDE APPLICATION】 The invisible hook work on a variety of smooth wall and ceiling, glass, metal, wood, ceramic and door, stainless steel surface and plastic etc. Hang the kitchen tools, bathroom ware or various sundries. Perfect home daily essentials. The adhesive is incredibly powerful, yet easy to move (should you want to stick it somewhere else). They're quite understated and inconspicuous. The hooks really hold their weight well and they are slim but easy to hang objects on. 【WATERPROOF&ANTI-MOISTURE】 It won't fall off even it is under the bathroom shower. While it is adhesive and sealing power. Excellent waterproof, mildew proof and oil proof. It is characterized by high strength, good toughness, and moisture-proof. The guys have held up to high humidity areas, cold areas, hot areas and just plain normal areas. 【EASY TO USE&SPACE-SAVING】 No tools required, Easy to clean and repost without surface damage, Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on smooth surface. Unique transparent design makes it almost invisible which is quite suitable for nice home decoration. Maximize house space utility -Material: plastic hook -Plastic board in silver transfer printing -Color: transparent/ silver -Size: 5.2 x 7 x 1.6 H CM

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