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Top Jingle Cookware Service Introduction

Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Cookware supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years experence. Since 1996, in the household goods provider, Top Jingle has been offering our customers high quality Cookware production service. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Top Jingle always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Pot Lid Holder
    Pot Lid Holder

    Reduce kitchen clutter by organizing your cookware lids with wall mounted black owl design pot lid holder with white ceramic bead tips. Its unique design securely accommodates up to two lids with round knobs or handles. The product is designed as modern collection, it included mug tree, tissue holder, recipe rack, pot lid holder and so on. Easily mounts to the inside of a cabinet door or on the wall, allowing you to free up more space in your kitchen. The best part is it doesn't use shelf space, so you can free room for other kitchen necessities. - Keeps cabinets cleared of cluttered lids. - Holds up to 2 same size of lids. - It mounts on the inside of cabinet doors and provides easy access.

  • Round Iron Cookware Holder
    Round Iron Cookware Holder

    The circle shaped utensil holder is a remarkable kitchen appliance that is made to give users a simple yet remarkably effective means of storing any utensil that they desire. The white coating and bird shape design give a clean and simple features. Perfect for hold your frequently used kitchen utensils. •Give your kitchen utensils a place to stay. •Simple design fits any decor. •Rational construction.

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