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Coat Rack with Stand


Save space and stay organized with this square heavy base coat rack with umbrella stand. This pegged stand is perfect for safely hanging not only coats, but hats, scarves and purses as well. Different pegs allow you to put longer/bigger items on top while the smaller items go to lower pegs. Sleek, circular umbrella stand attached with solid bottom to hold rain water. A great thing for your home to have more hanging space for your clothes and accessories.
- The rack holding coats and umbrellas and more.
- Sturdy construction will allow for durability and stability.
- The bright chrome and unique stand is a perfect accent to any space.

Square heavy base coat rack with umbrella stand


  • Material: Square Metal Tube & Flat Metal Hanger & Ring In Chrome Plated, Round Metal Draining Dish In Chrome Plated With Black Eva, Metal Board In Chrome Plated With Heavy Base 
  • Dimension25 X 25 X 174 H cm 
  • Knock Down: no
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Color: Chrome
  • Package: : 1 set / carton
  • MOQ: 600 pieces
  • Product Origin: Taiwan
  • Customer Design: ODM/OEM are welcome


  • Material: Metal Tube
  • Color: Chrome
  • Package: 1 set / carton
  • Product Origin: Taiwan
  • Customer Design: ODM/OEM are welcome.
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