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Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. provides bathroom accessories and kitchen accessories manufacturing and supply since 1996.

Design and manufacturing of valet stands, lotion dispensers, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, nespresso racks, shoe racks to clothes racks, Top Jingle is the best place for you to shop because of the high product quality and reasonable price!

Buy bulk bathsets, kitchen and bathroom accessories from Top Jingle to enjoy the fast delivery and reliable services.


Teamwork in Top Jingle

Top Jingle Organization

  • Quality Assurance:

      To prevent products mistakes during production and delivery, we make sure our customers receive quality products.

  • Manager:

    Will manage entire process from prototype to delivery of product.

  • Marketing Merchandiser:

     Is responsible for sales detail, manufacturing  deadlines, and delivery arrangements.

  • Sourcing&Production:

      Purchasing ingredient and manufacturing deadlines.

  • Financial accounting:

      In charge of accounting regarding the analysis, summary, and reporting of company financial transactions.

  • Design Team:

      Develop new houseware products and improve product manufacturing process.

  • Network Group:

      E-commerce, social media marketing, and B2B marketing.

  • China Operation:

    Sourcing qualithy ingredinets for products made in Taiwan.