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Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. provides bathroom accessories and kitchen accessories manufacturing and supply since 1996.

Design and manufacturing of valet stands, lotion dispensers, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, nespresso racks, shoe racks to clothes racks, Top Jingle is the best place for you to shop because of the high product quality and reasonable price!

Buy bulk bathsets, kitchen and bathroom accessories from Top Jingle to enjoy the fast delivery and reliable services.


Our Business

We are wholesalers that specialize in kitchen, bathroom, living room, and decorative accessories.  We manufacture and design our own products.  

      Even though a bathroom is not as large as your bedroom,there are still many areas that need to be personalized. What distinguishes our bath item from others? Our items have the ability to repel water.  Our items are functional, trendy, and top sellers  

 modern bathroom accessory         Freestanding bathroom paper holder        Laundry bin

           Bathroom accessory                Freestanding towel rack/paper holder                    Laundry bin

Bathroom shelf        Garbage bin        adhesive broom clip holder

           Bathroom shelf                                         Garbage bin                                        others

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     There are two areas in a kitchen.  One is the cooking area and the other is dining area. In the cooking area, we have many different types of products made to help with storage and facilitate functionality.  In the dining area, we have designed kitchen tools to help with family gatherings and parties.

Knife & Chopping board        Food storage

       Knife & Chopping Board                               Food storage

Fruit&Bread Basket        Serverware        

                 Basket                                               Serveware

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。Living room:
     What is the function of a living room? It’s a place where people gather to socialize.  We have decorative accessories that can make your space feel more welcoming..

Table and stool        Magazine rack

              Table/stool                                         Magazine Rack

Shoes Rack        UMBRELLA STAND             

                 Shoes Rack                                       Umbrella Stand       

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。Stationery gifts:
     There are many occasions for gift giving.  We have many great gift items to choose from.  Our items can also be customized to your specifications.  

Magnet        Stationery

                  Magnet                                             Stationery

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