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Top Jingle Package Introduction

Top Jingle Development Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China supplier and manufacturer in household goods provider. Top Jingle has been offering our customers high quality bathroom accessories, kitchenware, furniture, DIY items since 1996. With both advanced technology and 20 years experience, Top Jingle always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


We understand you may have many questions after checking many products in our website.

Here are frequently asked questions about PACKAGING.

If your problem can't be solved in these answer, we are very welcome your direct contact in here. 

Q1.What is your normally packaing?

Ans: Our products have four section,bathroom accessory,kitchen items,living room furniture and stationery gifts. We have different packaing methods depending on different items. Normally, we use brown box or white box to package. It has no brand on the surface,in that way can be convenient for customers to decide whether they need printing or not.

Q2.Do you offer custom packaging?

Ans: Yes,we can off customer packaging depends the need. We can help customers manufacture from the label, box and printing.

Q3.Do you have any printing MOQ limit?

Ans: If use our original printing box that won't have any MOQ limit; however, if you need personal printing on the box, that might have additional fee and MOQ limit.


Pleas feel free to contact us anytime if you have more want to know!