For hats, purses, jackets, scarves and more. / Top Jingle satisfy the needs of houseware for our customers since 1996.


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Located in Taiwan, China, site::setting::company#, since 1996, is a Hanger/Hook | bathroom accessory set and kitchenware manufacturer. Main products, including bathroom accessory sets (marble, polyresin, ceramic, glass, acrylic), and kitchenware products (pitcher, knife, chopping board, trolley cart), etc.

Bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products sold in Europe, Japan and Middle East since 1996, we value our customers and understand how important it is to establish a good business relationship. We've also invested our capital in advanced facilities in research and tooling to assure top quality products.

Top Jingle has been providing customers high-quality bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Top Jingle ensures each customer's demands are met.


For hats, purses, jackets, scarves and more.

This deer shaped hook is designed by our designer.
This deer shaped hook is designed by our designer.

The first step to storage well is making good use of our space.
And hook is a perfect way to do it.
Just hang it on and new space born!

  • Overdoor Hook
    Overdoor Hook
    Perfect for anyone who needs more hanging space

    How to make a room neat and tidy? The first thing to do is make things in order, and the secondly is to make good use of room space. Never waste those hidden space in your room. For instance, the space of your room door back. If you add one hook on the door back, you can hang things immediately. However, one hook is not enough for so many items, that why you need overdoor hanger. It doesn't need assemble and no worry of less of screw. No need to stick on the door so never mind of your painting on the door. Just three seconds and your coat, purse, hat, scarf now have space to be placed. Depend on the different thickness of door, we design all kinds of shapes over door hook to match your interior design.

  • Suction Hook
    Suction Hook
    Perfect for anyone who needs more hanging space

    Suction hook is designed for a smooth surface, it can change to other place immediately and without hurt of your wall. There is no need to drill holes and available to make good use of the wall. The function of waterproof and oil proof is really helpful to use in kitchen, bathroom or any room in the house. What if the hook lose the stickiness? Wash in water and dry naturally and it can be used again. Our suction hook is very different from the market. By our designer's sensitivity of materials, we design many suction hooks to match the different interior standard. For example, we use iron wire,acrylic and poly to manufacture variety of animal shapes suction hanger. We believe good quality home furniture will increase your home value.

  • Wall mounted Hook
    Wall mounted Hook
    From single to multi hooks are all available.

    If you like clean and clear house, we believe our wall mounted hook is perfect for you. It simplifies the structure and use the minimum of space to creat a maximum place to hang up your goods/objects. More than that, the loading capacity is greater than adhesive hook and sucker hook, it doesn't need to worry about when it will drop down. Add hanging storage to any wall in your home with our wall mounted hook. With our hooks, they provide many ways to hang and store your hats, coats, purses, clothes and other accessories. Made of excellent quality, they will add a contemporary touch to your home.

  • Adhesive Hook
    Adhesive Hook
    From single to multi hooks are all available.

    As its name, these hooks are gluey. Don't worry about your wall, these tape can remove cleanly. Forget about nails, screws and tacks, our adhesive hooks are fast and simple to hang, and more, can be holded strongly on a variety of surface, including paint, wood, tile and more. Rehanging them is as easy as applying a replacement refill stripes, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again.

  • Magnetic Hook
    Magnetic Hook
    Perfect for anyone who needs more hanging space

    Even though magnetic hooks can’t hang heavy objects,they are suitable to hang light items,such as keys,notes,kitchen utensils,small tools…etcs. The function of magnet can keep the note well so people won’t ignore your message.No matter drawer in office, refrigerator, file cabinets, tool box, steel door and more.Magnet can stick well.