For the one you love / Top Jingle satisfy the needs of houseware for our customers since 1996.


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Located in Taiwan, China, site::setting::company#, since 1996, is a Gift | bathroom accessory set and kitchenware manufacturer. Main products, including bathroom accessory sets (marble, polyresin, ceramic, glass, acrylic), and kitchenware products (pitcher, knife, chopping board, trolley cart), etc.

Bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products sold in Europe, Japan and Middle East since 1996, we value our customers and understand how important it is to establish a good business relationship. We've also invested our capital in advanced facilities in research and tooling to assure top quality products.

Top Jingle has been providing customers high-quality bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Top Jingle ensures each customer's demands are met.


For the one you love

Choose a best gift for him/her.
Choose a best gift for him/her.

The meaning of the gift is not about how much it cost, what important is the kindness thought of the giver and the value of the mind is priceless. We hope the receiver will be really happy when he/she get the present. We prepare many styles of stationery for our customer, we think that the stationary can be a both functional and beautiful gift to give. See more and you'll find it!

  • Magnet
    Different shape,different color.

    Our magnets are ideal for office and home, working well on file cabinets, metal presentation boards and your fridge. We have soft and strong magnets for customer options. Our design team also add more function in magnets, such as mirror and beautiful crystal shape.

  • Clock
    Love the time with him/her.

    What do all people have it and all the same, no matter you're rich or poor, healthy or sick, it won't be influenced? The answer is time. Each person have 24 hours a day, you can't have more or less. Since time is so important and you would not want to waste it, a clock can remind you for those important moment! Time flies and that’s why we should treasure it.

  • Thermometer
    What's temperature now?

    "Hey,how's the weather today?" We prepare several thermometer products for customers who want to know the interior temperature. The thermometer can be stick to the wall by suction cup or adhesive twins depends on the situation. Moreover than a thermometer, the shape design is also beautiful and a suitable decor to fit many home styles.

  • Memo Clip Holder
    Memo Clip Holder
    A little tip to you

    It's really useful to have a memo clip holder. To remind you things easy to forget or just to leave a message. Especially use for clamp your memos, name card, photo, and so on, good design and it is portable to be used in your daily life. Perfect for office, school, and home use.

  • Others
    What's in here?

    Discover some surprise here, you'll never know what items in here.