Bathoom Accessories Set

Collect the complete series for your bathroom / Top Jingle satisfy the needs of houseware for our customers since 1996.


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Bathoom Accessories Set | Bathroom Accessories, Kitchenware, Furniture & DIY Items Manufacturer - Top Jingle

Located in Taiwan, China, site::setting::company#, since 1996, is a Bathoom Accessories Set | bathroom accessory set and kitchenware manufacturer. Main products, including bathroom accessory sets (marble, polyresin, ceramic, glass, acrylic), and kitchenware products (pitcher, knife, chopping board, trolley cart), etc.

Bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products sold in Europe, Japan and Middle East since 1996, we value our customers and understand how important it is to establish a good business relationship. We've also invested our capital in advanced facilities in research and tooling to assure top quality products.

Top Jingle has been providing customers high-quality bathroom accessory sets and kitchenware products, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Top Jingle ensures each customer's demands are met.

Bathoom Accessories Set

Collect the complete series for your bathroom

Multistyle, multishape, multicolor
Multistyle, multishape, multicolor

The so called 4 piece bath collection include lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler and soap dish. However, we prepare more for you: toilet brush holder and trash bin can also be part of your collection. Customers can also pick their products to fit their room perfectly by 6 different materials design: acrylic, poly, concrete and marble, glass and metal.
Our products can not only be used in your own home, but also a suitable gift for friend’s housewarming party. Since we have hundreds of bathroom accessory sets, and many hotels or inn also like to purchase our products to match their stylish room. If you need customized design products, please feel free to contact us anytime. We welcome your inquiry.

  • Plastic/Acrylic Bathoom
Accessories Set
    Plastic/Acrylic Bathoom Accessories Set
    Lightweight, Non-conductive, Recyclable and Durable.

    Acrylic is one type of plastic. It has many advantages, such as: lightweight, non-conductive, recyclable and durable. It becomes one of favorite material nowadays. With the high development of technique, the capacity of shape of acrylic has more availability to do. From single injection to multi shot, even more, the combination of different material, these improvements change the impression of acrylic. Our products are light and colorful which are really suitable for young children who have less strength than adult. To make children love clean own self up by create a comfortable space first.

  • Polyresin Bathoom
Accessories Set
    Polyresin Bathoom Accessories Set
    It can have very gorgeous design and match your bathroom well.

    The molecules structure of poly is really special. It has been widely used in household goods. Poly can imitate many patterns well, such as wooden, leaves, rock patterns…etc. If you like the natural style, you should not miss our products, cause it like natural wooden set you’re using. Moreover, the combination of different elements make poly bath set really different than others. It can be magnificent and make your bathroom stylish.

  • Concrete/Marble
Bathoom Accessories Set
    Concrete/Marble Bathoom Accessories Set
    Suitable for any bathroom design, especailly for loft style

    Do you like loft style interior design? Loft style is generally defined as a large, open space, usually without any internal walls. That means no extra decoration, the structure of house, such as wood, wire or cement may display in front of your eyes. So we use the concept of loft style on our bathroom accessory set. Cement is one of important elements to apply on simple and modern design Some people thought that there is only grey color in cement. That's not true. We have more than you knows. If you really like loft style design, never miss our concrete bath accessory set, you’ll like it a lot. The marble bathroom collection is marble of real marble, not poly and acrylic. That means it is natural ingredient and durable. The hardness is over glass, which will very painful if you throw it to some guy.The luxury marble design is suitable for hotel and every unique home.

  • Ceramic Bathoom
Accessories Set
    Ceramic Bathoom Accessories Set
    Even though it's fragile, they just make your bathroom elegant and beautiful.

    Ceramic has many advantages:no rusty,not corrupt,easy to wash and strong decoration.Our ceramic bathroom sets are very suitable for home.The surface is simple to clean and hold it without any effort. Choose clay,shape,glaze and fire: the main steps for finishing ceramic works.Our artisans carefully work on each procedure,and create the most exquisite five pieces ceramic bathroom set for our clients. The glaze is so colorful but the shape is stable.Whenever it is residential or commercial space, these good design products can enhance the value of space.Even more,they can be apply to public relations gifts,promotional advertising, conference gifts, festival gifts, business gifts, opening ceremony, friends gifts...etc.

  • Glass Bathoom
Accessories Set
    Glass Bathoom Accessories Set
    No rust. Easy to clean.

    Do you like the feeling of crystal clean? The glass bathroom set can give us the exactly same feeling.Glass is a recyclable material and it has many possibilities to manufacture.For example:all kinds of shapes, curves, color...ect,with our designer’s idea and master’s good skill, the pure glass ingredient can become a beautiful home accessory. The transparency and texture of glass is very different from acrylic.Glass is more fragile,but not easy to scratch. Your bathroom will be more unique if match glass bathroom accessory with light. In addition to clear glass,frosted glass is one point of our design.Just image the light and shadow will have so many possibilities to show in your room,would it not be exciting to have one?

  • Metal Bathoom
Accessories Set
    Metal Bathoom Accessories Set
    Strong and Recyclable.

    We provide hundreds of products to those who have their own ideas of their space.They can arrange their relaxing space according to own hobby and style.Each decoration or item will be fit to people’s lifestyle. If you are a strong personality person,and you want to act calm and modern in every detail,then the metal bath collection would be the best item in your houseware purchase list.But if you think that there is only smooth on metal surface,you are wrong.We have many skills to apply on metal,for instance:ice, hammer, glass blast, matte finish...etc. Multicolors can be also plated on the surface,Therefore, you get many ideas to decorate your home well.

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